The Curie™ Synthesis Platform

Digitising Chemistry


An intuitive scripting language (XDL), natural language recognition for the translation of synthetic procedures and a comprehensive ontology allow for straightforward creation of processes for the Curie™ encompassing the widest possible set of modern synthetic procedures.

Detailed real-time reaction telemetry, improves reproducibility, provides insight into reaction conditions and flags potential problems.

Execution mode allows manual execution of every step in a synthesis giving full “live” control of every step of a chemical process. 



  • Replicates the standard synthetic chemistry workflow.

  • Interfaces with standard laboratory hardware e.g. hotplates, vacuum pumps, chillers, automated chromatography and evaporators.

  • All liquid handling is done via a flexible, robust and upgradeable backbone built around our custom pumps and valves.

  • All standard unit operations are integrated into the Curie™, namely extraction, washing and purification (via crystallisation in the standard system).

  • Inert atmosphere and vacuum control is managed via a dedicated programmable manifold.

  • Up to 10 reagents can be used, with further available through expansion of the backbone.

  • Reactions are carried out with full telemetry (temperature, ambient conditions, RGB sensors) and full PID control of additions where required.

  • Expandable to include modules dedicated to electrochemistry and photochemistry.

In Action

The Curie™ platform has successfully carried out over 50 different synthetic procedures, including examples of:

  • C-C bond formation

  • Heteroatom alkylation

  • Protection/deprotection

  • Reduction

  • Oxidation

  • Acylation

  • Ring closure

  • Heterocycle formation

  • Elimination

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